Me and My Friend

***April 2024***

A dark comedy, Me and My Friend is set in the 1980’s and tells the story of four patients thrown out of a mental hospital due to ward closures. They now live in a block of flats in the real world doing real things. In one flat, Oz and Bunny conduct fantasy interviews for jobs. In the other, Julia and Robin try to make plans to go on holiday.

What starts off evenly tempered soon descends into chaos and emotional upheaval as we realise that Oz and Bunny will never find work and Julia and Robin will never go on holiday. Me and My Friend not only highlights the damage caused by pushing the ill out of care and into the community; it also highlights how complicit we all are in turning a blind eye to the vulnerable amongst us.


This is dedicated to the late Albert Ward, a colleague and friend of Blue Book. Albert had requested to direct this particular play before passing on. We will miss him dearly and are so grateful we can carry this out in his memory.


Albert’s Bio.