Alexander Ananasso

Alexander is a British-Italian actor, playwright, acting coach and VoiceOver artist, winner of Best Actor at the Oniros Film Awards and the Best Actor Award New York. He was born in Rome, lived many years of his life in London and moved to Barcelona in 2023, after having dreamt living here since he was a young boy. His mission as an artist is: Theatre is Healing: “Art must initiate change within us. The audience is witness and the stage shows the truth. I want them to go home after, either moved or in deep thought.”, but it’s a long one and doesn’t really flow, even though the concept is great, right? Right.

A member of Equity UK, he has extensive experience in theatre, cinema and VoiceOver. In addition to his two mother-tongues, he speaks fluent Spanish, he’s learning Catalan and can sign a bit of British Sign Language. He is also a BADC certified Advanced Actor Combatant. He has worked with great directors such as Guy Richie, Matthew Vaughn, Dawn Shadforth, Anja Marquadt, Francesca Viscardi Leonetti, Aurelio Laino, Alessio Rupalti, Riccardo Tamburini, Mauro Scarpa and Danilo Canzanella (and soon, at BlueBook Theatre, with Greta Griniute!). He has played the lead in the dramatic short movie Call me when you’re dead, for which he received 2 awards and 4 nominations for Best Actor. He is also the lead in the LGBT-themed feature film A Dice with 5 Sides, currently distributed world-wide. He has worked as VO Talent Director for Apple and as a VO Narrator for the Disney Classics Audiobooks.

As an author, his first ever play, the 15-minute play Deliverance, was selected as part of the SPOT One Act Festival in NYC in 2022. His first solo-show A god who can speak premiered in London at the Space Theatre in September 2022. Alexander is also the founder the Method Campus, where he runs Acting & Personal Development classes, in London and soon Spain. Imagine this bio ended with a climax that either made you cry or laugh. Or both. Always better both.