Acting is something similar to going to the gym—it takes dedication. Actors have to really work hard to stay open, clear, honest and vulnerable to the beautiful process that is required for character and stage work. They need to be constantly exercising their skills through communicating, rehearsing and practicing, using their voices and bodies as tools to live, grow, express and explore through other characters.

(Blue Book Theatre Company) works in English because it is the common language of a diverse group of creators from around the world, including Catalunya, Georgia, Brazil, the Philippines, Congo and more. Given the international background of the actors, the plays chosen address universal concepts that we all share as humans. Blue Book collaborates with directors and coaches who have similar experiences and who can navigate the beautiful cultural differences that can arise in a multicultural group.


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The Actors Home Interview Barcelona

February 2024

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For the first time on the stage of the Barcelona theater – a play by the Lithuanian director Griniūtė

(translated from Lithuanian) In February, on the stage of Teatre del Raval in Barcelona, the play Adventures of Nicole will be presented to the public for the first time, based on the play of the same name, according to the press release of the play’s authors.


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Lithuanian National Radio and Television

What Would You Do for Love?

Miniguide Barcelona

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Metropolitan Magazine

Greta Griniūtė

Metropolitan Barcelona Magazine

February 2024

Now represented as a director internationally, Greta Griniūtė premieres her new play Adventures of Nicole with the Blue Book Theatre Company on February 8th a the Teatre del Raval. In a world where we hide behind our screens and give love through a like on social media, Greta would to revert back to the romantic days, following (the main character) Nicole  after the death of her husband, as she finds love not only within herself, but in someone new.


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Radio Interview with the Cast of Almost, Catalonia