Mathias Schindler

Born in Germany and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. His passion for the theatrical arts was kindled during his middle school years, leading him to explore a myriad of stage disciplines, including acting, dancing, and even rapping, in amateur productions in his home country.

In 2021, he deepened his knowledge and passion for the performing arts through an intensive drama program at a Danish boarding school, honing his craft for three transformative months. In May 2023, he directed and produced “An Innocent Little Murder” at the Comedy Clubhouse in Barcelona, marking his directorial debut.

In the Summer of 2023, he joined Blue Book Theatre Company as Stage Manager for the company’s inaugural performance of “Almost, Catalonia”. Ever passionate about the theatrical arts, Mathias thrives on embracing challenges head-on, ensuring each performance captivates the audience, and leaves the cast and crew with an unforgettable and positive experience.

Professionally, he holds a master’s degree in Data Science and works as a software engineer for a local non-profit organisation. Merging analytical prowess with artistic flair, his journey exemplifies the boundless possibilities that arise when passion and precision intertwine.