Óliver Novelles

Actor and Writer

Óliver Novelles was born in Terrassa. At just over 12 years old, he discovered that music (which he has always listened to at home) transmited much more than waves in the air and when he saw that the lyrics had, in most cases, something more than a pretty sound, he decided to start writing. A short time later, he met the romantic poets and was also influenced by them. At the age of 15, he received his first guitar and decided that music will be part of his life. Later on, he discovered acting as a step further in terms of the inner expression that he needed to transmit. He therefore dedicated himself to doing all kinds of artist projects that fell into his hands, whether theater or cinema. He graduated from the Col·legi de Teatre in Barcelona and later in Meisner Technique.

He has played in leading roles in various works such as “A las doce me marcho…” by Pilar Seijo or “Els fills del sol” by Màxim Gorki, as well as several roles in microtheatre, some of his own dramaturgy, at Microteatre Barcelona, Microdegustación theater and Weller Bar St. Boi. On television, he has also appeared in TV3 or Netflix series and films in small roles, as well as in several commercials.