Rober Gómez

1982, Figueres, Spain. Born in 1982, Figueres, Spain, Rober Gómez is an actor who’s been dancing for the last 20 years in the most renowned European companies. He has twice been nominated as a Best Male Dancer at Barcelona Premis Butaca. In 2005, Rober graduated from the Institut del Teatre i de la Dansa de Barcelona. He has also trained in the prestigious school of Rudra Béjart Lausanne and in the Actors Studio Nancy Tuñon 2001/03 and Frankestein studio 2023/24. He is currently focusing his career on acting, performing in commercial ads, music videos and short films. He has recently performed in “Polvo Serán”, a musical-drama film directed by Carlos Marqués-Marcet.

Rober is also one of the founders, performers and directors of Hotel Col.lectiu Escènic, a dance collective who invite directors from different fields to create performances, together. Their latest show directed by Jordi Oriol will be on in Teatre Nacional de Catalunya in March 2025.

Since August 2023 Rober has joined the Blue Book Theatre Co. and is Assistant Director and Movement Coordinator to Greta Griniūtė in her new play “Adventures of Nicole”.