The Twisted Tales of Poe

***October 2025***


A radio drama based on four of Edgar Allan Poe’s writings is presented, replete with sound effects and musical cues. Three of the unfortunate individuals relate their stories, and we get a glimpse into the thoughts of a fourth, while the inmates of Leverett Street Jail, Death Warrant Division, wait to hear their fate. The Caretaker maintains that she is not insane despite having killed the elderly man she was looking after, dismembered him, and buried him beneath the floor. She claims that she actually loved the elderly man. The murder and the hiding of the elderly man’s body are witnessed as we transition into the night the act was carried out. She aims to kill his menacing, gazing eye, but in the end, it is his Tell Tale Heart that reveals her transgression. With the promise of tasting from a cask of Amontillado, Montresor narrates how he managed to lure Fortunato out of the funfair and into the wine cellar. He suggests that by allowing Fortunato to wallow in death, he has rendered a favour to society by chopping off “a diseased portion from the body human.” In the third story, we get a glimpse inside the mind of the catatonic Poet, who may have been the cause of his lover’s death or has just witnessed it. Following the memorial service, guilt pays the Poet a visit. as well as The Raven. The Black Cat finally brings Bedloe to justice after he concealed his wife in the cellar and buried an axe in her head.