Tika Kodua

Tika Kodua: (b.1998) is a Georgian actress currently based in Barcelona. Tika’s passion for acting ignited early in life, and after relocating to London, UK at the age of 12, she delved into the world of drama, enrolling in classes at her school. Her journey continued in Barcelona, Spain, where she pursued a Bachelors Degree in product design in IED University while simultaneously embracing acting more professionally.

Tika’s commitment to her passion led her to workshops at acclaimed institutions such as The
Actors Home and Frank Stein Studio, where she refined her acting skills and deepened her
understanding of the craft. Balancing her educational pursuits with her dedication to acting, Tika has seamlessly integrated her creative pursuits, contributing to both her academic and artistic growth. Now firmly rooted in Barcelona, with a foundation in design and a commitment to the art of acting, she continues to evolve, promising audiences an authentic and multi-faceted performances on the stage and screen.