Valeria Scheilen

Actress and Model

Valeria Scheilen (Russia) is a multilingual actress who has made her mark in the international theater and film scene. With fluency in German, Russian, English, Spanish, and a growing understanding of Catalan, Valeria brings a unique linguistic versatility to her performances. Having studied at Michael Tschechow Studio in Berlin, Valeria’s training has shaped her into a dynamic and skilled performer. Her talent has taken her to stages across Berlin and Germany, where she has showcased her acting prowess in both theater and film projects. In addition to her acting skills, Valeria finds joy in the expressive art of salsa and tango, infusing her performances with an added layer of passion and grace. Currently residing in Barcelona, Valeria has found a vibrant artistic community to call home. Her linguistic abilities and captivating stage presence continue to captivate audiences, allowing her to connect with diverse cultures and leave a lasting impression. Valeria is a multilingual actress whose talent, versatility, and passion for the arts have made her a standout performer on both stage and screen. With a love for improvisation and a passion for dance, Valeria’s performances are a testament to her dynamic and captivating presence.