The Adventures of Nicole

Written and Directed by Greta Griniūtė


**February 2024**

“The Adventures of Nicole” is a story that shatters stereotypes of older women and challenges the notion that life ends at the age of fifty. The main character is a widow who is struggling to find her footing after facing recent unemployment. Since her husband’s passing ten years ago, Nicole has spent her free time engrossed in cheap romance novels and attending church. However, her life gradually begins losing its meaning, and like anyone else, she yearns for love and to be loved. Upon hearing about a new online dating app from other women at the hairdresser’s, she feigns disinterest, but her heart skips a beat. Driven by desire and a mysterious uncertainty, she musters the courage to register. What unfolds next is a series of unexpected events that propel Nicole on a journey to find love. This is a story that transcends time, liberating her from excessive self-criticism and emotional barriers, defying societal norms, and embracing a love for life.


Running Time – 1 hour 20 mins

Genre – Comedy

Themes – Desperation for Love, online dating, breaking age, female stereotypes


Greta Griniūtė