The Adventures of Nicole

Written and Directed by Greta Griniūtė


**February 2024**

Teatre del Raval


Adventures of Nicole is not just a play; it’s an exploration of the human spirit. With a carefully crafted script that defies societal norms, this original theatrical piece brings to life the liberation of Nicole from self-criticism and emotional barriers. Watch as love for life takes center stage, challenging preconceived notions about aging, romance, and the boundless possibilities that await.



In the aftermath of her husband’s passing a decade ago, Nicole immerses herself in the world of cheap erotic novels and the comforting embrace of the church. However, as her life gradually loses its vitality, Nicole yearns for something more – a connection, a spark, and the intoxicating magic of love.

When whispers of a new online dating app reach her through friends at the local hairdresser’s, Nicole, initially showing disinterest, finds her heart skipping a beat. Fueled by desire and mysterious uncertainty, she summons the courage to register, setting in motion a series of unexpected events that propel her on a breathtaking journey in pursuit of love.

Director’s note

In today’s world, when seeking love and personal fulfilment in the realm of virtual reality, it becomes crucial to distinguish between the synthetic world of illusions and images and the reality of genuine emotions. Often, when we find ourselves on the other side of the screen, we allow ourselves more freedom than we do in our tangible lives.

Nicole’s character lacks the courage to explore her true self and find love in the real world. However, on a dating site, she can finally unveil her authenticity and liberate herself from the societal norms that bind her. To truly know and love Nicole, one must embark on a journey through her virtual persona, which in turn allows her personality to nourish and grants her newfound strength. Through the viewer’s perspective and a reevaluation of the situation, the play aims to address the challenges of finding true love in the modern world.





Running Time – 1 hour 20 mins

Genre – Comedy

Themes – Desperation for Love, Online Dating, Breaking Age and Female-Related Stereotypes

Greta Griniūtė